Winter Transitions, Spring Transformation

I returned to Santa Fe a few days ago to find that Spring has definitely Sprung! The daffodils are up, trees are budding. The plum tree even has a few flowers already. Despite the snow showers yesterday and below freezing temperatures last night, Nature is definitely showing that the winter’s transitions are coming round for …

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Scientific Clues to Who I Really Am

My mom encouraged me to do DNA testing several weeks ago. She had hers tested and while there were no surprises — a preponderance of Eastern European — she wondered how my father’s genetic makeup would come down to me with his Italian and Eastern European roots. I have always considered myself Italian, mostly because …

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To Dream or Not to Dream

I haven’t had a lot of dreams lately but the ones I have had have been emotionally-laden and indicative of transitions with the potential for deep transformation. Sometimes I gauge how well I have slept by whether I remember even remnants of a dream; I know that dreaming happens in the deepest stages of sleep …

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The Power of the Tapestry of Diversity

I am feeling grateful this morning to be back in Querétaro, México among great friends and a people whose food and culture and love of life that I feel privileged to experience when I am here. While I come here often each trip feels like a journey anew, with new sights and sounds and smells …

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