I Am Open To Receive!

I Am Open to Receive!

I had a conversation with my mother yesterday as I do every Sunday. She is 85 years old and lives independently about 1700 miles away. She was telling me about a neighbor who took her to lunch this past week. He paid the bill. My mother’s presumption was that he did that because she made …

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Paradise (re)Discovered Chapter 2 – They Are Not Here to Meet our Needs!

What? They are not here to meet our needs? Who is “they” and why not??? Listen in and learn how the second chapter of Paradise (re)Discovered teaches us an important lesson that in turn helps us better understand who we really are at the deepest level. While you are listening Scroll Down and let us …

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Positive Aspects, Revisited

If you’ve had the chance to listen to recent videos the past couple of days over on facebook.com/drmarkarcuri you know this past Holy weekend I’ve been focused on death, resurrection as rebirth, and transformation. Nietzsche said that the snake that cannot shed its skin must perish and never is this more true than in Springtime …

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