Turn Transition into Transformation!

I’m headed back to the US today after two weeks of working and playing (same thing!) in Querétaro, Mexico. The time was productive; lots of writing, video, and soulful planning into 2019. It’s also been a time for reflection as 2018 draws to a close and 2019 brings with it the promise of new beginnings …

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Paradise (re)Discovered – Mirror, Mirror

What do you notice most in others? What do you love and what really, really bugs you? Like it our not, what you see and feel most strongly are truest reflections of who you really are. Join us and learn how to notice these things honesty, and how to make peace with them, on your …

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Holiday Calendar of Gratitude

Thanksgiving weekend has come to a close in the USA and with it comes the start of the “traditional” holiday season that runs for a month or more. There’s lots of hustle and bustle, pressure, sadness, joy, expectations, challenge, and gratitude. Of course there is nothing traditional about the season as we know it in …

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