Of Challenges and Puzzles and (re)Discovery

How many of you find yourself challenged on what seems to be a daily basis? I sure know that I do! Whether it’s the logistics of getting everything to fit in that needs time, or dealing with the wants of others, a fish tank with a mysterious leak that turns out to be nothing after …

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What Are You Willing To Be?

I woke up this morning feeling a deepened sense of horror as the appointed leader of the USA continues on his path of unravelling all sense of morality and dignity for our country while recklessly endangering millions and millions here and abroad. What troubles me most is that while the man is ignorant he is …

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I Have A Family, I Am Not My Family

Tumultuous times are upon us in the United States of America. Indeed “United States” seems like a misnomer as ever growing disunity establishes itself with the installation of a new administration that was appointed to office despite that the people elected another. This challenges the very core of what any democracy stands for. And many, myself …

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