Letting Go

Paradise (re)Discovered Chapter 4 – Leaving Home

Are you ready to leave home? Maybe not physically right now but on an emotional level leaving home never ends as you break free of the paradigms that were given to you; paradigms that no longer serve you as you learn more and more about who you really are. Listen in for the next step …

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Paradise (re)Discovered Chapter 3 – Letting Them Be Who They Really Are

Byron Katie says that, sometimes, we have never even met our relatives because we’re so busy making them who we want them to be. Others, including me, have written pretty much the same thing. But when we demand that others — relatives or otherwise — be who WE want them to be we rob them …

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Positive Aspects, Revisited

If you’ve had the chance to listen to recent videos the past couple of days over on facebook.com/drmarkarcuri you know this past Holy weekend I’ve been focused on death, resurrection as rebirth, and transformation. Nietzsche said that the snake that cannot shed its skin must perish and never is this more true than in Springtime …

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Winter Transitions, Spring Transformation

I returned to Santa Fe a few days ago to find that Spring has definitely Sprung! The daffodils are up, trees are budding. The plum tree even has a few flowers already. Despite the snow showers yesterday and below freezing temperatures last night, Nature is definitely showing that the winter’s transitions are coming round for …

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