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Feelings Are Not Reality, but Your Responses Are!

I say it every day. Usually a few times a day. Sometimes more! “Feelings are not reality!” But it’s a hard sell when a client is having an awful time of it and their feelings feel just as bad. What we often fail to realize, though, is that there is a third variable in the …

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Positive Aspects, Revisited

If you’ve had the chance to listen to recent videos the past couple of days over on facebook.com/drmarkarcuri you know this past Holy weekend I’ve been focused on death, resurrection as rebirth, and transformation. Nietzsche said that the snake that cannot shed its skin must perish and never is this more true than in Springtime …

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Winter Transitions, Spring Transformation

I returned to Santa Fe a few days ago to find that Spring has definitely Sprung! The daffodils are up, trees are budding. The plum tree even has a few flowers already. Despite the snow showers yesterday and below freezing temperatures last night, Nature is definitely showing that the winter’s transitions are coming round for …

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Scientific Clues to Who I Really Am

My mom encouraged me to do DNA testing several weeks ago. She had hers tested and while there were no surprises — a preponderance of Eastern European — she wondered how my father’s genetic makeup would come down to me with his Italian and Eastern European roots. I have always considered myself Italian, mostly because …

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