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A collection of inspiring resources to help you on your path to perfect alignment with perfect things! Is there something that is not here that you would like to see? Send a note and I will do my best to make it happen! And check back frequently. This page is constantly updated!

Book of Positive Aspects

  • Recognizing that in every moment something positive can be attended to
  • A way to make conscious choices to see only the positive aspects of a situation, person, or thing

Jesus taught us to, “Turn the other cheek,” practicing, “I see not that.” The Book of Positive Aspects is your chance to begin experiencing the power of this teaching–a way of literally turning the other cheek on the negative in any situation while acknowledging only that which feels good about it.

It can be a challenge initially, but give it a try! If you persevere, you will be successful, and your life will changeRead more and download your worksheet here and begin your Book of Positive Aspects today!

A Life Aligned – chapter 2
This is my favorite chapter from my book A Life Aligned and I would love to share it with you in appreciation for your following and support. Read Chapter 2 now!

Articles, etc.
Check out the Other Writing page for a variety of resources including selected articles and even a free download of Dr. Mark’s Doctoral Dissertation on the Neutral Zone!

Dr. Mark on YouTube!
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