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Dr Mark A Arcuri ~ About Dr. Mark

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Native Long Islander Dr. Mark Arcuri is a sought-after author, coach and speaker. Calling Santa Fe home, Mark is acclaimed for his intuitive guidance that leads clients through life's most challenging transitions to a place of inspired transformation. His distinctive style reflects his belief that everyone has the ability—indeed, the responsibility—to allow the magic of fulfillment into his or her life. He works with individuals in a variety of life situations, whether imposed upon them by external happenings or chosen as they explore options on their life path.

Mark's laid-back personality puts clients at ease and enables a fun hands-on creative process. Sessions are customized and reflect a combination of intuitive, experiential, and innovative "off the cuff" techniques.

After completing an undergraduate degree in psychology at SUNY Stony Brook in 1985 and a master’s degree in Psychology from New York University in 1987, Mark graduated from Capella University in Minneapolis with a PhD in Clinical Psychology in 2002. He went on to complete a prestigious post-doctoral fellowship in Consult Liaison Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

It was in Dallas that he accepted that his purpose was for something much more unique and powerful than a traditional psychology practice would allow. Mark fine-tuned his gift of insight with training in medical intuition. He sought diverse teachers from whom he drew wisdom and practical applications and embraced his belief in inherent wellness versus illness, and unlocked his ability to guide clients through an empowering process of self-discovery that is rooted in the power of seeing what others might call “symptoms” or difficult circumstances as simply experiences in need of integration into one’s life journey. His broad exposure and popularity have led to speaking engagements all over the United States as well as to a busy Integrative Coaching & Wellness practice.

Believing as he does in integrating body, mind, and spirit Mark completed training in 2014 with Andrew Weil, MD and other faculty at the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona Medical School in Tucson, with a focus on the biopsychosocialspiritual aspects of Integrative Health and Wellness. He is currently enrolled In a Foundations in Herbal Medicine fellowship program with Tieraona Low Dog, MD. Mark also has advanced training in Integrative Mental Health.

Mark prides himself in practicing Integrative Mental Health & Wellness, which has enabled him to work outside the dogma and limitations of “modern” psychology. Mark's first book, A Life Aligned: The Journey to Allowing the Magic in Your Life, quickly appealed to a worldwide audience when it was published in 2008; several more books are in various stages of completion, Beyond A Life Aligned: Pure Transformation for the Body, Mind, and Soul and Paradise (re)Discovered: New Lessons From Old Teachers, both expected in 2017. Perfectly Imperfect: Your Worst Nightmare, Your Greatest Blessing is a book about relationships and is scheduled for early 2018.

"I want to share my passion with everyone," says Dr. Mark, "helping create lives that embody pure inspiration no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey!"

Personal Information

Mark is known for high-energy coaching interactions guided by spirit and intuition. He enjoys sessions via video-conferencing, drawing energy while he works from his favorite places including Santa Fe, South Florida's beaches and the Florida Keys, Napa Valley, and Querétaro, Mexico. He also writes, teaches, and leads on-location workshops and seminars wherever he may be called.

Other interests include taking advantage of downtime with personal travel, outdoor activities on the beach and in the mountains, service, momentous friendships, gardening, cooking, home design, and afternoon respite and people-watching at neighborhood cafés and restaurants.

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